About the Windsor Fellowship Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme is a one-year scheme that aims to deliver opportunities and experiences to prepare participants to secure their potential academically and professionally whilst cultivating practical skills to be active members of the community.

Working in partnership with organisations across the private, public and third sector to deliver Programme, sponsors provide:

  • Work placements/internships (between six weeks and a year) or a studentship.
  • Structured career support/buddying into the organisational culture and ways of working.
  • Funding to complete the training and development aspects of the Leadership Programme.

Leadership Programme

The programme activities include:

  1. Five seminar workshops focused on developing key skills and competencies such as resilience, presentations, team working, goal setting, time management, networking, effective feedback and navigating the workplace.
  2. 1-2-1 mentoring.
  3. Support to undertake community activities.
  4. Alumni and employer engagement opportunities.

Recruitment Outline

​The Windsor Fellowship recruitment and selection is a multi-staged process and assesses candidates across a range of skills and competencies.

Windsor Fellowship Recruitment Process

  • ​Windsor Fellowship application sift – applications are sifted according to Who can apply.
  • Windsor Fellowship Assessment Development Centre – candidates undertake a group exercise, a competency interview and deliver a presentation on the organisation/sector. All candidates receive developmental feedback to support future recruitment processes.
  • Windsor Fellowship to share a long list with sponsoring organisations to select a shortlist for second stage interviews.

Sponsor Benefits

  1. ​Access to potential talent from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Access to pre-selected applicants with an interest in the organisation.
  3. Increased organisational profile within target communities beyond the individual(s) sponsored.
  4. Practical support to support successful completion of work placement/internships through a dedicated client relationship manager.

Next steps

Contact the Windsor Fellowship to discuss sponsoring on the Leadership Programme: AdenR@windsor-fellowship.org