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Who we are

The Windsor Fellowship (WF) is a charitable organisation. We design and deliver innovative personal development and leadership programmes, to enable talented people from diverse communities to fulfil their potential.

To do this we partner with leading organisations from the private and public sectors as well as developing relationships with schools, universities and community groups throughout the UK.

We have trained and supported over 19,000 young people from diverse backgrounds to successfully navigate the journey towards educational and career success, while becoming active citizens in their community.

At the same time our work helps employers access talent from within the UK’s diverse communities.

The objectives underpinning our work are to:

  1. Improve educational attainment.
  2. Strengthen community cohesion.
  3. Achieve greater equality opportunities in employment.

As well as directly enriching the lives of the individuals who participate in our programmes, we seek to inspire and challenge Windsor Fellowship alumni to make a positive contribution to Britain’s economic and civic life.

How we work

We have developed a unique high impact approach – our 4 key principles are based on methods adapted from talent development programmes used by leading global companies, and in training elite sports people. This involves structured guidance and support including:

Targeting young people at key stages of their educational development, such as the risk of exclusion from school (AIMS Programme), the start of GCSE courses (Junior Fellowship Programme), the making of career choices during further education (Succeeding in STEM programme), critical stages of undergraduate study (Leadership Programme), and the transition from graduation to employment (Passport to Employment Programme).

Connecting participants with others of similar talent, ambition and motivation but of different ethnic, cultural or social origins. We encourage participants to express themselves, examine their history, and develop skills to help them navigate the challenges they will face at the next phase of their educational or professional careers.

We focus on their personal growth as citizens of contemporary UK society through programmes that encourage independent thinking and challenge participants to be fully conscious of their responsibilities as well as their rights.

Providing participants with programme leaders who can mentor and guide them. These leaders have achieved significant success, often in the face of institutional racism or other bias.

Partnering with leading employers, educators, parents and carers.

Our work targets the complete spectrum of talents, from those with latent talents, to those who are disaffected and alienated. We help those who may be on the verge of exclusion from school and need to be re-engaged; through to young people who are already performing well and have the potential to be amongst the highest performers in our society.

Vision & Values

Vision & Values

The Windsor Fellowship vision for UK society is a nation in which the talents of all the people truly shine.



Learn how history helped to shape the foundations of our charitable organisation today.

Our Team

Our Team

We have a talented team of skilled workers who, together, help make Windsor Fellowship the life-changing organisation it is. Find out more about them.



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