Our Vision

The Windsor Fellowship vision for UK society is a nation in which the talents of all the people truly shine. A nation in which there are no barriers to success due to race, religion, caste or creed: where the brightest and the best can take their rightful place as leaders in their workplaces and in their communities.

Our mission involves promoting excellence in education, employment and citizenship to ensure diverse talent emerges, succeeds and is deployed in leadership positions.

Our purpose and charitable objective is to educate, train and develop people from under-represented groups. We facilitate the development of skills and qualities such as decision making, leadership, team building, planning, self-awareness, motivation and effective communication.

We aim specifically to:

  • Improve academic achievement.
  • Encourage and enable people to take an active part in civic life in accordance with the principles of good citizenship.
  • Guide and assist them in maximising their educational and employment opportunities.

Our Values


In a multi-racial society it is through valuing diversity that individuals learn to be tolerant and appreciative of differences. Diversity benefits all, regardless of race, disability, religion/belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, class or socio-economic background.

“The respect for race and diversity is at the core of Windsor Fellowship, and I have learned to embrace this multicultural society because of my experience with the Fellowship. My educational journey has been truly enriched, by the diversity of the people involved in this programme. Meeting and learning from programme directors, seminar guests and colleagues I have worked with during my internship, as well as the fellows on the programme; I have gained a great insight into many different cultures and backgrounds. An unforgettable experience on ‘diversity’ was the Group 21 Cultural Evening; the preparation of the show itself was an eye-opener. The dynamic and colourful cultures came to life in an evening of dance and song, blended with poetry and calligraphy from all over the world.”

Freda Ka Ian Chio, Graduate Fellow


Aiming for excellence induces individuals to raise their game; to move through obstacles; to be inspired by the excellence of others and to strive towards a new standard that further inspires their peers.

“My experience in the finance industry made me aware of how competitive the sector is and that success can only be achieved by consistently striving for excellence.”

Ronke Fadipe, Graduate Fellow


We promote active citizenship: the need to take an active interest and act to positively change what is happening in every street; from those we live in to Downing Street where government makes decisions in our name.

“For my community work I trained as an Applied Behavioural Analysis Tutor, for a 4 year old boy with autism for a period of 2 years. The tutoring sessions took place twice a week for 3 hours at a time. I worked within a team of 4 therapists, and over the past 2 years we have reached several milestones i.e. he has now begun full time mainstream school. He can now read, he uses sentences of 8 words (whereas 2 years ago he was only using 3), he has learned to ride his bike and he can now play alone with toys for up to 10 minutes (whereas 2 years ago he could not do this at all).”  

Kerrie Channer, Graduate Fellow


Windsor Fellowship believes in the uncompromising pursuit of individual integrity: to be true to ourselves and the principles we believe in. Only when we acknowledge our shortcomings can we address them to become better people.

“Integrity is one of the most significant areas that the WF LPU has facilitated my development, and one of the crucial elements of the tenets of the Fellowship. Through the residential seminars, WF has taught me that in order to reach my achievements, it is intrinsic that I be the best I can be, and conduct myself to the highest standards of integrity. Furthermore, through PEP, I learned that when I give my word to something, I create a condition that supports my commitment rather than accommodating my mood. Now I find that when I choose to do what I say – because I am one hundred percent committed to it – I find myself producing results. Upon completing the LPU, I have become a more integral person than just being sincere, that is, I do what I say – where my word really is my word (being integral) rather than having good intentions and not doing what I say (being sincere).”  

Aisha Begum, Graduate Fellow


Windsor Fellowship believes in the need to shape and develop role models for today and for the future – especially from within Black and Asian communities. Through our actions and our energies, Windsor Fellows and the WF seek to act as a catalyst for change within our society.

“The WF seminars have definitely brought me into my own and shown me that leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Since joining the WF I not only feel within myself that I am becoming a leader in many different aspects of my life, in many different ways but I have found that more and more others are seeing that quality in me also.” 

Claire Sifah, Graduate Fellow