Help us transform lives

Your donation will help us to transform the lives of people of from under-represented and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Many of those who participate in our programmes go on to make a significant contribution to their community or play an influential role in all works life.  So your  donation will not only help the individual involved, but their wider community and society.

A monthly donation of as little as £5 a month can make a significant difference to our vital work.

There are two ways that you can donate securely online:

  • make a one off payment by debit or credit card, OR
  • set up a direct debit – making giving regularly easy for you.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, paying income tax or capital gains tax, you can make your gifts worth almost 30 per cent more, at no extra cost to you. For every £10 donated, the Windsor Fellowship can claim an extra £2.82 from the Inland Revenue.

All you have to do is check the Gift Aid box when you give online or by post.
If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can reclaim, on your tax return to the Inland Revenue, the difference between basic rate and higher rate tax, which is currently 18%. For example, if you donated £50 you would reclaim £11.54 in tax. Your donation will effectively cost you £38.46.

“Thank you for supporting young people who would not otherwise have this opportunity to grow, develop and in turn influence others to create a more equal world for everyone.”

Anonymous, Donor


“Thank you for all the support and guidance. I am very grateful for all the opportunities you have opened up for me and hope this donation will enable others to benefit too!”

Tram-Anh Ho, Donor