The Windsor Fellowship vision for UK society is a nation in which the talents of all the people truly shine. A nation in which there are no barriers to success due to race, religion, caste or creed: where the brightest and the best can take their rightful place as leaders in their workplaces and in their communities.


Our mission involves promoting excellence in education, employment and citizenship to ensure diverse talent emerges, succeeds and is deployed in leadership positions. 


Our purpose and charitable objective is to educate, train and develop people from under -represented groups.  We facilitate the development of skills and qualities such as decision making, leadership, team building, planning, self-awareness, motivation and effective communication. 


We aim specifically to: 

  • Improve their academic achievement;


  • Encourage and enable them to take an active part in civic life in accordance with the principles of good citizenship;


  • Guide and assist them in maximising their educational and employment opportunities.