Opportunities at Greenpeace

Would you like to kick-start your career at an organisation that’s committed to offering opportunities to the widest possible community and is eager to embrace fresh ways of thinking? If so, Greenpeace have a number of great development opportunities that will help you learn new skills, realise your potential, and explore a career within environmental campaigning.

Greenpeace UK is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. They’re now looking for people who also want to make a difference.

Maybe you wouldn’t think of yourself as a Greenpeace ‘type’. But actually there isn’t a Greenpeace type, and they’re really looking for all sorts of different individuals who can contribute fresh enthusiasm and new ideas. People with open minds who want a chance to shine – and who will benefit from learning as they go.

Regardless of your background or specific area of interest, there are plenty of exciting opportunities at Greenpeace, so they could have just the challenge for you.

Read about Sofia’s internship experience at Greenpeace

“I’m currently working as the Warehouse and Equipment Management Intern. During my time at the warehouse I have been doing maintenance work on vehicles, boat trailers and meeting rooms, building props (such as the Greenpeace toxic air award), participating on actions (such as the VW in the port of Sheerness or the Amazon Reef action in London), learning a bit about the logistics behind an action, creating an inventory of the warehouse using the new system ‘Emily’, as well as testing it’s booking system. This has been an amazing opportunity and I would definitely highlight, amongst other things, how supportive and inclusive everyone is, the freedom and autonomy I am granted in the workshop, and the fact that Greenpeace invests in their interns in ways that grant us valuable skills and certifications for the future such as, in my case, the counterbalance forklift licence and B+E licence.

Being able to be a part of Greenpeace (even just for a little while) was something I could only dream of and despite the fact that my expectations for this internship were high this still turned out to be more than I could have hoped for. Sofia, Greenpeace Intern

Applications are now closed for 2022. If you would like to hear about future opportunities sign up here

For more information about Greenpeace please visit their website: www.greenpeace.org.uk

If you any questions about the internship please email: internships@windsor-fellowship.org