Engage to Succeed 


‘Engage to Succeed’ is an intervention programme developed by the WF funded by Camden Council that seeks to reduce and re-engage young people aged 18+ who are NEET (not in education, employment or training) or at risk of becoming NEET.


The project is for 2 years and works with young people across Camden.


 ‘Engage to Succeed’ includes:


  • two days of personal and soft skills development training 

  • personal development focused 1-2-1 mentoring (if you are interested in mentoring please complete our short form)

  • volunteering opportunities within Camden 

  • two Information, Advice and Guidance 1-2-1 sessions focused on employment, education or training for each participant


The project focuses on working with young people aged 18+ from across Camden, to bring together young people that would not normally meet one another thus challenging some of the stereotypes which our experience has shown exist. The programme will also raise community resilience and awareness of cross cultural and community similarities. 


We are no longer recruiting for Engage to Succeed.