DeepMind Computer Science Scholarships 

The Windsor Fellowship is working with University College London (UCL) to offer scholarships funded by DeepMind to students who will be undertaking specific courses within the Department of Computer Science.  ​

The DeepMind Scholarships are positive action initiatives to help UCL ensure that it can attract and support students from all sections of the community, particularly those groups that are under-represented in post-graduate studies.


DeepMind Computer Science Scholarships will cover tuition fees in full, and provide a £16,000 maintenance stipend. Additionally, £2,000 is provided to cover travel to or attendance at relevant academic conferences (either in person or virtually). A further £1,500 is provided as an equipment grant.



The scholarships are available for UK (Home fee status) course applicants who are from at least one of the following three under-represented groups within Computer Science:


1.   Students who identify as female

2.   Students of Black African or Black Caribbean heritage

3.   Students from homes with an annual income of less than £25,000

Next Steps and How to Apply​

Applications are closed for 2021-22.


If you are interested in being updated about the 2022-23 cycle sign up here and we will be in touch with any updates. 

Important notices

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria listed above, we will check that your name, and your parents’ names, do not appear on the following sanctions lists: and

Any questions please email: