The Windsor Fellowship (WF) is a charitable organisation. We design and deliver innovative personal development and leadership programmes, which enables talent from diverse communities to be realised. We achieve this by partnering with leading organisations from the private and public sectors as well as developing relationships with schools, universities and community groups throughout the UK. To date we have trained and supported over 18,000 young people to successfully navigate key milestones along their educational journey.


Our work helps young people navigate pathways to educational and career success and become confident, active role model citizens. At the same time it helps employers’ access talent from within Britain’s diverse communities.  


The objectives underpinning our work are to:


1. Improve educational attainment levels

2. Strengthen community cohesion

3. Achieve a greater equality of employment outcomes.


As well as directly enriching the lives of the individuals who participate in our programmes, the WF seeks to inspire and challenge our Fellows to make a positive contribution to Britain's economic and civic life.