Leadership Programme

for Undergraduates

The Leadership Programme for Undergraduates (LPU) is a personal and professional development programme for undergraduates.  The LPU combines residential training seminars, a paid work placement with a sponsoring organisation and volunteering, which together enhance your education, employability and citizenship skills.  


Support comes not only from the staff and peers but also from our alumni base of Graduate Fellows who provide advice, encouragement and a useful network for your career development. We have trained over 1,900 Fellows on programme since 1986 and they have gone on to become leaders in their industries. 


The Windsor Fellowship helps to develop leaders who in turn help to sustain and grow the organisation. Graduate Fellows participate by attending seminars as Guides, marketing the WF to their employers or potential applicants or even joining the Trustee Board.



•In the second year of a three year undergraduate degree or in the third year of a four year undergraduate degree 


•From a Black, Asian or minority ethnic group


• Able to commit to all parts of the Programme (see application form and below)


•You should also be British Citizen, European Economic Area member state national, Commonwealth  Citizen or foreign national with the legal right to enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom (UK) for   an unlimited period. 


How to Apply 

We are no longer accepting applications


Recruitment Timeline 

Stage One: Paper Sift  Applications are sifted on eligibility criteria


Stage Two: Assessment centre all shortlisted candidates will be invited to our assessment centre (presentation, interview and group exercise) with the Windsor Fellowship between 

Stage Three: Sponsor selection Candidates will be invited to submit a supporting statement to potential sponsors. 


Final Stage: Sponsor Interviews. Any one of the three organisations that you select during your sponsor selection may invite you for an interview and/or assessment.  


For more information on this programme contact Roda, adenr@windsor-fellowship.org